Tuesday, September 26, 2017

***Coming Soon*** Spring's Destiny Blurb:    Spring move's to the Mountains of West Virginia, after the mysterious death of her husband, that no one can explain. Leaving everything behind, Spring starts out new... New SUV. New house. New Life.   Spring likes the simple like on the mountain and only goes to town when she has to. Her life is starting to fell normal until that one fateful night and an attack that leaves her life once again in turmoil.    A group of guardians is Spring's salvation, but can Spring be what they need? When the chaos starts, when things start to happen to her that she can't explain. Will she do what she does best? Leave again and start her life over... New SUV. New house. New life.   Or Will she take what destiny throws at her and take her rightful place and fight for what she believes in.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Outbreak The Fight Egypt and a few members of the compound she calls home are running against the clock to find her son Liam before it's too late. Meanwhile, back at the big house, preparations are being made for the horde that's barreling down upon them. Will Egypt find her son? Will they be able to survive the horde that's coming straight for them? And at what cost? In this action-packed conclusion, the question is, will the zombie apocalypse finally win and break her, or will she prevail after all? Please note: There is mature situations and language in this book.